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DietMD®’s Top 14 Keto-Friendly Items at Aldi

Check out our favorite Aldi items for low-carb, keto, and low-sugar diets. These picks are delicious and versatile!

Aldi Store

Source: Aldi

We're back again with another grocery store recommendation list, but this time with budget-friendly Aldi. With 10 stores in the DFW area and 126 stores across Texas, Aldi is a German supermarket known for its no-frills items and discount prices. We've combed through the Aldi aisles and come up with 14 must-have items for your next grocery trip!

14. Whole & Simple Omelet Breakfast Bites: Pepper, Uncured Ham and Cheddar

Aldi Omelet Breakfast Bites

Source: Aldi

Need breakfast on the go? These omelet breakfast bites have green and red bell peppers, sharp cheddar cheese, and uncured smoked ham. At 13g of protein per serving, they're not only delicious but pack a punch!

13. L’oven Fresh Aldi Keto Wraps

Aldi Keto Wraps

Source: Aldi

As far as versatility goes, these keto-friendly wraps are KING! Lower in carbs and higher in fiber than regular corn or flour tortillas, the L'oven fresh version is a much better option for staying on your diet.

12. Clancy's Pork Rinds

Aldi Pork Rinds

Source: Aldi

Can't break that potato chip habit? Pork rinds are the perfect answer! Stay on track with your keto diet with Clancy's Pork Rinds. They come in original and Hot & Spicy flavor.

11. Elevation Protein Shake

Aldi Elevation Protein Shake

Source: Aldi

Protein shakes have long been a staple of the keto diet. With 30g of protein per bottle, these Elevation shakes are the perfect way to up your protein intake on the go!

10. Oh Snap! Dilly Bites & Hottie Bites

Aldi Oh Snap! Dilly Bites

Source: Aldi

Salty and crunchy cravings are the downfall of many a keto diet. Not to worry, though, because Oh Snap! Dilly Bites and Hottie Bites satisfy the type of snacky cravings that can lead you to higher-carb options but in a perfect low-carb package!

9. Two Good Yogurts

Aldi Two Good Yogurt

Source: Aldi

If you love lemon, you will love these Two Good yogurts. Low in sugar and 12g of protein per serving, they're the perfect breakfast for anyone looking to watch their carbs and up their protein intake. They come in a variety of flavors such as strawberry, coconut, mixed berry, Meyer lemon, and more!

8. Palmini Pasta

Aldi Palmini Pasta

Source: Aldi

On a low-carb diet and missing all your favorite pasta dishes? Palmini Pasta has you covered! With a variety of noodle styles, Palmini Pasta is made from hearts of palm and is a must-have for those who can't stay away from their favorite Italian dishes.

7. Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps

Aldi Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps

Source: Aldi

Why have wraps made of carb-loaded flour or corn when you can have them made of cheese? With zero carbs and 7 grams of protein, these cheese wraps are definitely heavy hitters when it comes to staying on track to reach your health goals!

6. Season's Choice Avocado Chunks

Aldi Avocado Chunks

Source: Aldi

Avocados: delicious, creamy, versatile, low-carb, and high in protein. What's not to love? Well, anyone who's bought avocados knows that the shelf life is tricky, and a bad avocado is nobody's favorite breakfast. Fear not, these frozen avocado chunks are, as they say, always ripe and always ready!

5. Season's Choice Riced Cauliflower

Aldi Riced Cauliflower

Source: Aldi

We shouldn't have to tell you that cauliflower rice is a low-carb diet's best friend, but making it at home can get messy. Season's Choice frozen riced cauliflower is perfect for stir-fry dishes, and even better if you add a little sesame oil!

4. Simm's Original Beef Biltong

Aldi Simms Beef Biltong

Source: Aldi

Biltong is the perfect quick protein option for on the go or when you're just too busy! Super tender and 16g protein per serving, this stuff is delicious without the sugar.

3. Emporium Selection Cheese Fries

Aldi Emporium Cheese Fries

Source: Aldi

Halloumi or bread cheeses taste just like fried mozzarella sticks without the carbs! They are super delicious and perfect for dipping in marinara sauce.

2. Emporium Selection Bread Cheese

Aldi Emporium Bread Cheese

Source: Aldi

Right next to the cheese fries in terms of their keto-friendliness, Emporium Selection's bread cheese is the Finnish alternative to its Greek cousin, halloumi. Coming in plain, bacon, and garlic flavors, this is among the most delicious items on our list!

1. Egglife Egg White Wraps

Aldi Egglife Egg White Wraps

Source: Aldi

There's a reason why we added so many wraps to this list, and it's because their versatility is unmatched. Egglife egg white wraps are another great true zero-carb wrap option that is also high in protein! You can even cut them into strips to use as noodles.

Wrapping It Up

We hope this list takes the pressure off your next Aldi shopping experience and helps you stock the fridge and cupboard with keto-friendly options to help you stay on track!

New to DietMD®? Our physician-led weight loss program applies the latest medical and nutritional science to determine the food recommendations seen here. Our program tracks and tests patients' eating habits through lab work and one-on-one consultations - that's what makes DietMD® unique and successful.

If you're interested in losing weight, contact us to schedule a free consultation. With our DietMD® weight loss and nutrition experts, you can start shedding pounds now!

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