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DietMD®’s Top 25 Trader Joe’s Picks for 2024

Updated: Jan 19

We're back with another much-anticipated list of our favorite Trader Joe's items!

Trader Joe's Store

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After the popularity of our first post, we're back with another list of Trader Joe's must-have items for 2024.

Whether you're cooking for yourself, friends, or family, we've got you covered! We've even included our favorite grab-n-go snacks that fall within your daily health goals.

25. Mexican Riced Cauliflower

Spicy Mexican-Style Riced Cauliflower

Another take on cauliflower rice that is packed with flavor and super low in carbs.

24. Chile Lime Seasoning Blend

Chili Lime Seasoning Blend

One of our favorite seasoning blends. Just try it, trust us, you won’t regret it.

23. Sweet Mini Peppers

Sweet Mini Peppers

Stuff these with your favorite cheese and protein for a quick and tasty snack! These mini sweet peppers are a great option to pick up.

22. Sriracha Flavored Baked Tofu

Sriracha Flavored Baked Tofu

If you're a vegan or vegetarian, this sriracha-flavored baked tofu is a wonderful protein option with 15 g protein per 3.5 oz.

21. Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin

Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin

This is the perfect low-carb side dish. It delivers flavor and comfort food vibes.

20. Marinated Artichokes On-the-Go

Marinated Artichokes On-the-Go

Low in both calories and carbs, these marinated artichokes are great as a snack. You can also add them to a meal or salad. They provide enough protein for most of the week!

19. Flavored Sparkling Water

Trader Joe's Flavored Sparkling Water

Flavored sparkling water can be a great way to curb cravings between meals while staying hydrated!

18. Kosher Dill Pickle Spears

Kosher Dill Pickle Spears

These briney and crunchy classics have zero carbs and are a great snack option!

17. Egg Frittata

Trader Joe's Egg Frittata

With 25 g protein per 2 frittatas, this is the perfect high-protein meal option with zero prep work involved!

16. Hardwood-Smoked Pulled Chicken

Hardwood-Smoked Pulled Chicken

Incredibly flavorful, fully-cooked, and ready-to-eat protein! It has 21 g protein per 3 oz.

15. Dark Chocolate (70% or greater)

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate

Everyone deserves a chocolate treat now and again! Keep in mind that the higher the percentage of cacao, the less carbs/sugar the chocolate will have.

14. Oven-Baked Cheese Bites

Oven-Baked Cheese Bites

The cheese bites are a great source of protein and fat. They're very low in carbs and a great snack option or topping for a meal or salad.

13. Green Goddess Dressing

Green Goddess Dressing

This dressing is super low-calorie and packed with flavor. It's one of our absolute favorites!

12. Grilled Pitted Green Olives

Grilled Pitted Green Olives

These grilled olives are a great snack option or addition to an entrée or salad!

11. Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry

Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry

Cauliflower stir-fry is super low in carbs and packed with flavor. This is the perfect rice replacement!

10. Salmon Burgers

Trader Joe's Salmon Burgers

Wild-caught Alaskan salmon patties made of salmon mixed with a mirepoix and quick-frozen to lock in moisture. These burgers cook perfectly no matter which method you choose. Each frozen salmon patty contains 15 grams of protein!

9. Grilled Chicken Strips

Trader Joe's Grilled Chicken Strips

Chicken is a vital part of many healthy, protein-rich diets, but working with bones, breasts and skin can at times be more work than you have time for. These grilled chicken strips take all the guesswork out of your chicken recipes, and they can be cooked in various ways, from the grill to the microwave. Perfect for salads and stir fry, and at 20 g of protein per 3 oz, this is one of our must-have items from Trader Joe's.

8. Burrata


There aren't many of us who have to be reminded that cheese is one of the biggest components of following a high protein or keto diet. Trader Joe's burrata is high-quality and delicious fresh mozzarella and perfect as an addition to a meal or as a protein-rich, high-fat snack. (Hint: try it with balsamic vinaigrette drizzled over top).

7. Guacasalsa

Trader Joe's Guacasalsa

If guacamole and tomatillo salsa walk down the aisle, we will be in the front row as they read their vows. This is the perfect pairing of rich and healthy, low-calorie guacamole using fresh avocados, cilantro, garlic puree, and lime with tangy and spicy tomatillo salsa. You'll probably never switch back to regular guacamole again!

6. Eggwich Breadless Breakfast Sandwich

Eggwich Breadless Breakfast Sandwich

IFKYK. Who needs bread when you've got eggs? Turkey sausage, American cheese, and scrambled eggs are throwing a party and they left bread off the RSVP list. This combo comes fully cooked, meaning you can pop it in the microwave for a reliable, healthy, high-protein breakfast before heading out the door.

5. Spicy Uncured Charcuterie Collection

Spicy Uncured Charcuterie Selection

Three uncured (meaning no nitrates have been added) traditional Italian meats that are naturally spicy, including Spicy Coppa (beef shoulder with a 90-day fermentation), Spicy Sopressa (premium pork butt fermented and dried 60 days), and Spicy Cooked Capocolla (cooked, fermented and dried 15 days). Great for snacking and entertaining, this selection is an excellent source of protein and fat.

4. Branzino Filets

Branzino Filets

Another name for European Sea Bass, Branzino has been getting increasingly popular in fine dining as of late. Deboned, filleted, and frozen, we recommend using olive oil, lemon, and herbs when cooking this delicacy of a fish that's light, flaky, and has a hint of sweetness. It contains 21 g of protein per fillet.

3. Barebells Bars

Barebells Bars

No one on a high-protein diet needs a professional Nutritionist or Dietician to tell them that protein bars are worth their weight in gold. What you may not know, however, is that Barebells, which have recently become available at Trader Joe's, are some of the best protein bar options on the market. With 20 g of protein per bar and only 200 kcal and 12 g net carbs (20 total carbs), these protein bars taste great and have no added sugar!

2. Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast (no nitrates)

Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast

For those who pay attention to what their food eats, these oven-roasted turkey breast slices come from turkeys that eat a 100% vegetarian diet and have never consumed any sort of hormones whatsoever. Not to mention there are 10 g of protein per every 2 slices.

1. Yellow Lentil and Brown Rice Pasta

Yellow Lentil and Brown Rice Pasta

This pasta blend is 90% yellow lentils and 10% organic brown rice, which makes it gluten-free. It contains 14 g of protein per serving and is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. This pasta pairs well with any of your favorite pasta sauces without the guilt of traditional pasta!

Wrapping It Up

That's it for now, but be sure to subscribe for brand-new shopping lists, recipes, and dieting advice. As avid foodies, our DietMD® team is always scouring the supermarkets for items that not only taste great but can help you stay on track with your healthy diet and goals.

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